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July 12, 2021
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What is the best way to consume CBD, and how to get the most out of the substance?

best way to consume cbd
 Anthony Clement
Written by  
Anthony Clement
July 12, 2021

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The best way to consume CBD will vary based on your preferences and needs. Every administration method has its flaws and advantages, and you need to find the one that suits you the best.

Most people want to know what is the best way to consume CBD.

Nowadays, companies are constantly trying to invent new and exciting medical hemp products. So much so that we even have CBD infused dog treats. While this might seem like nothing more than a marketing ploy, there is a reason why you should consider different types of administration.

Every application method has its pros and cons. If you used this substance for a while, you’re probably aware of this. But, it takes months and months to recognize small nuances between CBD products. This is why we have written this article to uncover the best way to consume CBD.

How does CBD affect our bodies?

CBD is extracted from the Sativa Cannabis plant. It is different from medical marijuana because of its low THC content. Due to its THC levels, medical hemp oil is much safer and will not cause psychoactive effects.

Although we often put emphasis on CBD, there are numerous other substances within the hemp plant that can provide wellness benefits. Unless you’re using a CBD isolate, a cannabidiol item will have various cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals.

CBD is meant to interact with the cannabinoid receptors that are placed within the endocannabinoid system. Based on what we know so far, stimulation of these receptors will also affect the system, leading to the harmonization of internal processes. A person can experience improved sleep, better mood, increased alertness, etc.

The plant also has a sedative effect. Most people use it to reduce stress levels and achieve better, uninterrupted sleep. There are also some indications that it might help with anxiety. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough data to make these claims.

On top of all this, the substance might also provide anti inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. All of these potential effects will vary based on the method of administration. This is why you need to consider desired effects prior to buying a specific cannabidiol substance.

Why is the administration method so important?

As we have just mentioned, the administration method can play a major role during your wellness therapy. Some of them will not even provide the effects that you desire (for example, CBD topical will only affect skin and muscles).

But, there are some other differences between them.

Depending on the CBD product that you're using, you can achieve higher or lower bioavailability. Certain items will barely be utilized by your metabolism, while others will provide a major boost.

The administration method can also be important for the speed at which you will notice the benefits. Smoking CBD flower will provide effects within 10 minutes. On the other hand, when you consume CBD edibles such as CBD gummies and CBD capsules, it can take up to 90 minutes to feel the impact.

Of course, there are also some other things you need to think of, such as added ingredients. For example, CBD oil often has essential oils like coconut oil. They work as carriers increasing the substance's bioavailability. Gummies are full of sugar and other things that improve their taste. In that sense, the hemp flower is perhaps the most natural out of all these products.

CBD oil products

In a way, CBD oil should be in a category by itself.

This hemp extract is used for all other cannabidiol items. You can infuse it in topicals, edibles, and everything else (except for flowers, of course). As such, the potency of a specific product will be directly connected to the underlying CBD oil.

CBD tincture is very versatile in terms of its application. You can use it as a topical CBD substance, sublingual CBD, or edible. However, most people prefer sublingual administration. Unlike oral consumption, the sublingual application ensures a much higher CBD absorption.

Depending on how you use it, the product can provide different effects.

Pros of CBD tinctures

  • They are extremely versatile.
  • They usually don't have added ingredients or "fillers."

Cons of CBD tinctures

  • Tinctures are not ideal if you’re on the go.
  • You can easily ruin your best shirt if you’re not careful.
  • Sometimes, they can be hard to dose.

Inhaled CBD products

This category refers to all the products that are introduced into your body via the lungs. In other words, CBD vape oil and hemp flowers. These are the fastest acting substances; they need about 10 minutes to provide benefits. As such, they are great for people who need quick relief.

Utilization of the products may vary on whether you prefer CBD vaping or smoking. When you smoke CBD, the whole experience resembles smoking weed. It takes a while to roll hemp (unless you've bought pre rolls). Vaping is faster and much more efficient. As long as you have a device and vape juice, you can do it wherever you want.

Pros of inhaled CBD products

  • These substances provide an almost instant effect.
  • They are great for people who like to smoke (whether this is cigarettes, recreational, or medical marijuana).
  • You can avoid the nasty CBD oil taste.
  • You can choose between various CBD bud strains.

Cons of inhaled CBD products

  • They can cause damage to your lungs if you use them too often, although they are not as severe as cigarettes.
  • Hemp flower needs a lot of time to prepare.
  • They are not ideal for public consumption.
  • If you’re vaping, you will have to carry additional tools around.

Topical CBD items

As the name implies, topical CBD products are all substances that are applied to the skin. This includes CBD lotions, CBD cream, CBD bath bombs, and previously mentioned cannabis oil.

CBD topicals are great for chronic pain, soreness, and minor skin issues. They provide necessary hydration to the skin, and their antimicrobial properties can also help with minor surface problems. These products are great for people who are suffering from muscle and joint strain, athletes, and the elderly.

When applying topicals, you should avoid infected and wounded areas.

Pros of CBD topicals

  • You can easily use these products even when you are outside.
  • Topicals will not reach your bloodstream, so there are no concerns regarding psychoactive effects.
  • The products can be used on a daily basis to improve the quality of your skin.

Cons of CBD topicals

  • It is really hard to dose them.
  • The effects are short lasting.
  • Lotions and creams can ruin your clothes.

CBD edibles

Edibles are some of the most popular cannabidiol products on the market. They are easy to use and provide a long lasting impact on the body. Unfortunately, they are also notorious due to their slow acting nature. Oftentimes, you will need 30 to 60 minutes to feel a change.

Most edibles are made with a specific concentration. CBD pills, CBD capsule and CBD Gummy, come with a specific CBD dosage. That way, you can use them even when you're outside. This can also be a problem as you cannot modify the dose as you would with topicals and oils.

Cannabidiol edibles are pretty good for people who want to use CBD once during the day. There is no need to reuse them, as they can last for 4 to 6 hours. But, they are not good for people who want to treat acute issues such as severe, sudden pain.

Pros of CBD edibles

  • They are the longest lasting product.
  • You can use them in any situation without people noticing.
  • These products come in various shapes, forms, and flavors.

Cons of CBD edibles

  • They need a lot of time to provide benefits
  • Some people find it hard to digest them.
  • Tweaking the dose is often impossible unless you've taken a product with the lowest concentration.

What is the best consumption method for me?

The best solution is to try several products and see which one suits you the best. But, this might take a lot of time and money. So, here are some of the best consumption methods based on your goals:

  • Quick relief - CBD vapes and hemp flowers
  • Long lasting effects - CBD edibles
  • Versatility - CBD oil
  • Taste - Edibles
  • Ease of use - Edibles
  • Bioavailability - Sublingual CBD oil, vapes, and smokables
  • Safety - CBD topicals

These products are very specific. Each one of them has its pros and cons, and not one of them can meet the needs of all the consumers. Some people even use several CBD items at the same time. For example, you can combine topicals with almost anything, as they don’t cause side effects and won’t increase CBD concentration within the blood.

Potential dangers depending on the method of consumption

Among others, every method of consumption has its own safety precautions. While CBD is regarded as a safe substance according to the World Health Organization, it can still cause negative effects on your body. Here are some of the problems you might encounter depending on administration:


As mentioned, topicals are the safest of all these products. Even if we’re talking about medical marijuana, these items are less likely to cause drawbacks.

The main reason for this is because topicals do not enter your bloodstream. Instead, they will affect the surface layers of muscles and skin. So, you will be able to avoid common problems such as drowsiness and dry mouth.

Furthermore, topicals cannot cause psychoactive effects. You also can’t test positive on THC if you use them. The only problem associated with creams and ointments is that they can cause mild irritation. This can be circumvented by performing a smaller allergy test.

By placing a little bit of cannabidiol on your skin, you can see how the body reacts to the substance and whether it’s safe to use it.

Inhaled products

Vapes and smokables can be very troublesome for your lungs. The strong smoke can cause irreparable damage to the organ. We don’t have enough data about long term effects, but everything indicates that these are not good.

Vapes have certain toxins that might cause additional issues. On top of that, this product group can lead to standard side effects such as low blood pressure, change in appetite, dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness. Smokables and vapes are also specific because they can cause dry eyes (unlike other cannabidiol substances).


Edibles will remain in your body for a long period of time. They often cause stomach irritation. So, it would be surprising if you experience diarrhea or a serious change in appetite. You can also experience other problems associated with the use of CBD.

When you use edibles, there is a chance they will have a negative impact on medicines in your stomach, prolonging their half life and increasing the odds of drug related side effects.

CBD oil

CBD oil’s side effects will vary based on the method of administration.

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