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July 12, 2021
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Do CBD dog treats for anxiety really work?

 Anthony Clement
Written by  
Anthony Clement
July 12, 2021

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Triggers such as separation, loud noises such as fireworks or mental trauma such as responding to certain objects or genders. The point is your pet can get just as anxious as you and this deserves a response.

What Does Anxiety Look Like in Dogs?

Many behaviours will show that your dog is suffering from anxiety. It is important to note that seeing one of these behaviours is not conclusive. However, these symptoms can be used as a guide to determine if your dog is indeed suffering from anxiety. Here is a quick list detailing the common symptoms of anxiety in dogs:

  • Not eating
  • Running away from home
  • Panting and pacing
  • Barking and howling
  • Hiding and cowering
  • Shivering
  • Digging
  • Excessive licking or chewing of their body
  • Destroying furniture
  • Constant irritability
  • Antsy and unable to settle
  • Unable to control bladder
  • Traveling anxiety

It is important to spot this behaviour change fast. If this becomes a long term behaviour then this is likely to become hard-wired in the dog’s psyche. So if you spot any of these traits on a regular basis, you may need to act to cure your dog’s anxiety.

How Can I Treat My Dog’s Anxiety?

Anxiety in dogs, while perhaps not as commonly talked about as it should be, is not uncommon. Vets have a variety of ways that they will try to address the problem. The most common methods that will be suggested by an animal physician are changing your dog’s diet, offering contextual behavioural training depending on your dog’s issues. For example, training the dog to be alone for increasingly long periods of time or offering them strong toys to distract them from ripping up the furniture.

However, in some cases, it can be too difficult to train the dog out of their habits. Or alternatively, the dog may just be anxious through no fault of their own. So that leaves one other option, medical treatment. Vets then prescribe anti-anxiety medication which is essentially sedatives made to keep your dog passive and unaware of noises around them. This can be beneficial during thunderstorms for example but as a long term solution, this only masks the problem. So it can be better to look for alternative medicine that vets won’t prescribe to you.

Can I Use CBD To Treat Dog Anxiety?

We are of course hinting at using an alternative medicine called CBD. This is a cannabinoid that is derived from the hemp plant. This is often distilled into an oil, using either hemp oil or coconut oil as the base. This hemp extract is a product of the marijuana family, however, CBD has a different effect compared to the more commonly known products which contain THC. THC is a cannabinoid that causes the psychoactive effect we relate to hemp plant or to hemp seed oil. However, most CBD oils have trace amounts of THC making them a more calming medicine than their sister product. Plus, if you purchase CBD isolate oils, you will be guaranteed a product that contains no THC whatsoever.

This is a medicine that is often used to treat humans for anxiety but the question remains, can I use this to treat my dog's anxiety? Well, the answer is yes depending on the CBD product you use. Whether you choose an oil or dog treat, you’ll need to be aware of the THC content, the dosage and the quality of the product. If you can ensure that the ingredients used are animal friendly, that the THC content is minuscule and the dosage is very low to accommodate the dog’s more sensitive cannabinoid receptors, then this is a viable treatment method.

How Effective is CBD For Treating Dog Anxiety?

So we have established that it is safe to give your dog CBD products. However, is there a definite benefit to treating your dog with CBD? Well, there is a plethora of anecdotal content available online that sings the praises of CBD supplement as a dog owner. However, we are more concerned with the official scientific studies that have been carried out. The studies available have been few and far between but what we do know is that the results available have all been in favor of CBD used to treat pet's anxiety.

We have seen studies that have reduced response to loud, unsettling noise. Tests that have alleviated anxious behaviors over a short period of two weeks and a number of studies have found that activities such as going to the vet or dealing with fireworks can be handled much easier with the use of CBD products. Here is a selection of literature that supports the use of CBD products for dogs and showcases the benefits of doing so:

How Can I Give My Dog CBD?

There are multiple ways that you can give your dog CBD products. However, with an anxious pet, it is about finding a way to administer this medicine that doesn’t stress them out. You can use CBD oil and administer by either coating their food, or giving it to them directly through a pipet. However, the former is a change in their regular diet that can risk them losing their appetite. Whereas the latter is usually a very tough task as the dog will be unwilling to take the medicine as it is often unpleasant, even with added flavoring.

So with this in mind, this leaves one clear option for an anxious dog. You can use dog treats that have CBD baked into them as a means of administering this medication. These can be used as a reward for good behavior, they are often much more pleasant for your dog than direct CBD oil, and they don’t disrupt your dogs eating habits, meaning that they maintain an appetite when dinner time arrives.

What are the Best CBD Dog Treat Brands?

Next, you will need to decide what brand of CBD dog treat you want to use. This will often take some experimentation as each dog will react differently to each treat. So if you don’t get it right on the first try, don’t panic. It is important to look at the common side effects such as the ingredient that come with each product. Plus, you must ensure that the natural ingredients used are dog friendly and are of good quality. That also means little to no THC content.

With this in mind, we have come up with a list of good CBD brands which provide safe dog treats. Each brand has established a great reputation within the pet owner community and has a range of products so that you can get the ideal treat that suits your dog’s needs and preferences. Here is our list below:

  • Holista Pet
  • CBD MD
  • Honest Paws
  • Pet Hemp Company
  • Joy Organics

What Types of CBD Dog Treats Are Available?

While you may think that there is a one product fits all approach when it comes to CBD dog treats, this is far from the truth. Each brand provides a number of products that offer different effects and benefits depending on your dog’s situation. What we will say is that almost all the products on offer are made from organic hemp and natural ingredients which are made with no THC content. However, aside from this, they are very different indeed. Here is a number of products you would be likely to find.

Well being CBD Dog Treats

These CBD dog treats are made to support seasonal allergies, promoting healthy skin and generally offering a health boost to your canine companion. These are often made with full spectrum CBD oil and organic ingredients.

Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats

This strand of CBD dog treat helps dogs deal with muscle and joint pain. Allowing your dog to attain a certain level of comfort in spite of their stiffness or muscle irritability. These are usually made with Full Spectrum CBD and active ingredient.

Mobility CBD Dog Treats

These CBD dog treats offer a formula that helps dog’s with joint problems or mobility issues get around easier and with less discomfort. Unlike those listed above, these don’t simply focus on pain relief, they also offer a formula that allows the dog to get up and about with more ease. These are also often made with Full spectrum CBD and natural ingredients.

Calming CBD Dog Treats

Then lastly we have calming CBD dog treats. These treats are perfect for dogs with anxiety. They calm the dog, making stressful events throughout the year, travelling, trips to the vet or bath time a much more calm and collective experience for both you and your pet. They can be often found under the form of CBD chews which occupies and distracts your dog at the same time which is only beneficial for your pet.

How Can I Control The CBD Dosage With Dog Treats?

There is always a worry that you will give your dog a higher CBD dose than needed. When using CBD oil, this tends to be a bigger concern as you will have to measure out the content much more carefully. However, with calming pet treats, it’s much less of a worry. This is because each CBD treat tends to be a set unit of CBD such as one milligram for example. So if you have worked out that your dog is heavy enough that seven milligrams are the ideal CBD dosage, this would simply mean that you need to give them seven treats. It’s a much more straightforward process and a calmer experience for all parties involved.

Obviously, this will not be the case for hemp dog treats and it is still vital that you check the dosage per treat. However, this is often listed clearly on the packaging, making the process a very simple one.

The Key to a Calm Canine Companion

Overall, the benefits of calming treats for your dog are widely documented through medical journals, anecdotal online blogs and various other forms of media. These treats are the ideal way to avoid using sedatives on your pet, avoid using herbal remedies like valerian root for example and give your dog the freedom to be themselves again. These products are widely available through online retailers and local health stores, meaning that this is a solution you can turn to at any time and best of all, it’s completely safe.

Through the help of the hemp plant, you can turn your nervous dog into its normal bounding and lively self in no time. It’s the perfect method to treat separation anxiety, travelling anxiety or general dog anxiety. So what are you waiting for, find the CBD Dog treat or maybe even a CBD tincture. Whatever works the best for your dog.

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