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July 12, 2021
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Does CBD oil expire and should you use it if it does?

does cbd oil expire
 Anthony Clement
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Anthony Clement
July 12, 2021

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To answer your question, CBD oil can expire. Therefore, it is much safer to buy hemp oil and cannabis oil in smaller quantities. Oftentimes, people make a mistake by buying larger batches of CBD products while they're on sale. As a result, consumers get stuck with numerous medicinal hemp bottles that are now just collecting dust in their storage room. Environmental factors can further reduce CBD oil’s shelf life so, that’s another thing you need to consider.

Not only does CBD oil expire, but you need to recognize when it goes past its shelf life.

How can you recognize expired CBD oil?

Almost every cannabidiol product has an expiration date. Whether we’re talking about CBD edibles, CBD tincture, or CBD cream, each one of these items has a certain shelf life which may vary based on the ingredients and the product type. When people talk about expired CBD substances, we usually refer to oil.

Medicinal hemp oil users should always consider the expiration date. Most of these substances can last for a year or two, but the life expectancy can be significantly diminished through improper storage. Luckily, there are a few tricks that will help you recognize an expired CBD substance.

The easiest way of determining whether cannabidiol oil is still good is by simply smelling it. Needless to say, all types of hemp extracts will smell rancid if they've expired. If we're talking about a pure CBD substance without any additional ingredients, the product should have a natural, earthy smell and taste. If you're uncertain based on its smell, you can always try it out. As a product goes way past its shelf life, it will get a skunky flavor. Of course, if a company used some artificial flavors or if it has altered chemical composition, it is a bit harder to tell whether a substance has expired.

Another good way to tell if a CBD oil product has expired is based on its appearance. The substance should look clear. After a while, it will start looking cloudy. Needless to say, the older the product, the worse it gets. The texture will change with cloudiness; CBD oil tincture will become thicker. It will also change its original color, becoming way darker.

How long does CBD oil last?

Generally speaking, a CBD oil should last between 1 and 2 years. Keep in mind that the shelf life may vary depending on the CBD brand. In any case, you should always rely on the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure to read the label on the bottle beforehand.

Shelf life may also vary based on the product type. For example, CBD isolate might last longer than full spectrum CBD oil (although we have no proof of this).

Can you get sick by using expired CBD oil?

The good news is that CBD users shouldn’t get sick from THC oil or cannabidiol oil. Unlike regular foods, they will not get affected by various microbes. They can’t get stale, nor do they affect our health. However, there is another reason why you should monitor CBD oil shelf life.

As the product goes past its expiration date, it will lose its previous potency. It is really hard to say how much this will impact a substance; it is hard to assess the efficiency of cannabis items as it is. Anyway, it is our suggestion that you simply throw away the bottle if you notice any changes. While it seems that these products are still good upon expiration, we cannot give you any guarantees.

How does freshness affect CBD products?

Aside from items like CBD gummies, almost every cannabidiol product will expire sooner than later. Oftentimes, a substance will lose its freshness much faster because a customer didn't know how to properly store it. Environmental factors can have a major impact on the product’s shelf life.

Keep in mind that medicinal hemp doesn’t have to be “fresh” per se. It is not like with some juices or fruits, which taste better if you put them in a fridge. Instead, it is only important for a product to be within its expiration date. If it expires, this will probably lead to a major loss of potency.

Why is potency so important? Can I continue using the substance regardless?

Even if a product has lost some of its strength, that shouldn’t prevent you from using it. And, given that expired CBD oil shouldn’t cause medical problems, there is no real reason why you should stop using cannabidiol. One potential issue is dosing. As you likely know, it is really hard to determine the right dosage for a CBD product. It becomes even harder if that product has expired. In fact, the product might lose more and more potency as time goes by. Because of that, it might simply become easier to throw it away.

The best way to store CBD Oil

You can easily prevent the degradation of a product by properly storing it. Experts usually compare these chemicals to some other carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, as well as MCT oil.

Contrary to popular opinion, CBD oil shouldn't be kept in a refrigerator. Instead, it is much better to simply put it in a closed storage room. Ideally, you should keep it at room temperature which is from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunlight is another thing that can degrade the substance. However, this issue can easily be circumvented by simply keeping it away from the windows.

When hemp companies create a CBD product, they usually protect it from environmental factors. In other words, they might put it in a dark bottle that is resistant to sunlight. They will also use airtight packaging, so they can protect the substance from oxidation (another issue that might reduce the product's shelf life).

Great tips that will help you store cannabidiol products

Besides previously mentioned storage tips, there are some other things you can do to protect your hemp plant extract from the elements:

Most people use CBD oil for a prolonged period of time. Administering the product becomes almost habitual. So, it isn’t surprising that a lot of us don’t pay attention when closing the bottle. While most of these bottles are airtight, you still need to twist them properly.

Position of the bottle

You should also pay attention to how you leave the bottle. It should always be placed upright.

Choice of product

It is always better to buy hemp items from reputable companies. While there is no guarantee that these products will have a longer shelf life, they will likely have better protective packaging. Sometimes, low-tier companies may add unnecessary ingredients that can negatively interact with cannabidiol oil, thus reducing its shelf life.

Chosen extraction method

Nowadays, most hemp companies utilize the CO2 extraction method. However, some of them are still managing to survive by relying on other, more volatile extraction procedures. If a company uses a bad extraction process, it might leave a toxic reissue within the bottle. Subsequently, this residue will not only harm your health but might also affect the longevity of the chemical.


As already mentioned, a storage room should do just fine for this type of substance. Make sure that the place is cool and dark. However, you don't need a specific room to leave it in. For example, you can just put it in a drawer next to your bed. That way, it will be easily accessible and yet, protected from the elements.


Like with humidifiers, radiators and other sources of heat can cause all sorts of problems. So, perhaps it’s better not to leave CBD oil in the kitchen. Similarly, you shouldn’t carry cannabidiol oil in your purse. Although some people tend to use medicinal hemp products at work, you need to consider how you’re transporting it. Be careful with humidifiers and other sources of humidity. They might cause mold.