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October 30, 2021
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How long do CBD effects last depending on the product you’ve used

how long does cbd effects last
 Anthony Clement
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Anthony Clement
July 12, 2021

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Have you ever wondered how long do CBD effects last? These substances can provide improvements for 2 hours to 8 hours depending on the product you’re using, as well as bodily factors.

Every now and then, our team is asked: “How long do CBD effects last?”

CBD oil and other CBD products have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Not only are cannabis plant items great for CBD users, but they have attracted attention from various researchers. Experts want to learn more about CBD’s effects, optimal consumption methods, and everything else that makes hemp flower so amazing.

In this article, we will focus on how long do CBD effects last and what kind of an impact you can expect from a hemp extract.

What are CBD products?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most potent wellness substances in nature. It is extracted from the hemp plant, but you can also find it in marijuana and certain types of wildflowers. Depending on a strain that was used, some CBD products can have more than 20% CBD concentration.

Besides this chemical, CBD topicals, CBD gummy, and other items usually have other cannabinoids. For example, they might also have THC. This is a substance that causes psychoactive effects, which is why some people are still reluctant to try these substances.

Luckily, hemp derived CBD products have trace amounts of the chemical, so you would never be able to get high when using one of these items. In fact, most experts claim that cannabidiol is completely safe for human use.

What kind of an impact does CBD have on your body?

CBD and other cannabinoids can work in several different ways.

First off, they can stimulate cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. By doing so, they can also regulate how the endocannabinoid system works. This system manages sleep, stress, mood, regeneration, reproduction, etc. When using inhaled CBD or after ingesting CBD, the whole system will return to its optimal state. As such, CBD might be used for pain relief, sleep, anxiety, and other issues.

Besides this, cannabinoids might also provide anxiolytic, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory benefits. In theory, they can be utilized for a wide variety of issues that are plaguing our bodies.

CBD oil effects may vary based on an item that you’ve administered. We differentiate 3 main categories of CBD tinctures: full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolates (also referred to as pure CBD).

Full spectrum oil is the most common CBD product on the market. In fact, it is often utilized as a basis for other items. It has all the same chemicals as the hemp plant, including numerous cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.

Broad spectrum oil is almost the same as full spectrum CBD but with a small difference: this product doesn’t have any THC. This makes it ideal for people who are performing regular drug screening.

Lastly, we have cbd isolate. They only have one component, and that is CBD. When using the item, you will be able to pass every drug test, like with broad spectrum CBD. It is especially great for people who just want to focus on this one chemical while avoiding everything else.

How long do CBD effects last?

There are several main factors that will determine the length of the effects:

Body weight

Weight is probably the main thing affecting dosing and duration of the effects.

Keep in mind that CBD is a fat soluble substance. This means that bodies will lower fat amounts will be able to process the chemical at a much faster pace. At the same time, it will take more time for CBD to kick in when taken by heavier individuals.

We also need to consider things such as overall body mass index as well as water content when figuring out how long the effects will last.


Of course, when you take larger doses, the chemical will stay in your body for a prolonged period of time. Still, taking too much CBD at once isn't something you should do. While the chemical is pretty safe, every expert will explain that it's best to start with smaller quantities of the substance.

CBD dosing usually comes down to a process of trial and error. After the initial administration, where you took a low quantity of the substance, you can slowly increase it until you find the sweet spot.


Frequency works similarly to dosage. People who use the product several times a day will have a hard time flushing it out. This is especially true for CBD edibles that provide effects for up to 6 hours.

Frequent use will lead to the build up of CBD. All of that leads to prolonged effects and increased tolerance.

Food and lifestyle

Almost every metabolic process can be important for dissolving CBD. Bodies that work faster will have no trouble eliminating the chemical. To be more specific, if you’re an active person, it will take much less to remove CBD from the body and vice versa.

Taking too much food prior to administration can pose a problem. As the amount of stuff within your digestive tract increases, CBD will need to wait for its turn. The chemical will be processed at a slower pace, and while you might feel some benefits, it will take a while for the product to be fully digested.

All of this, of course, will also lead to longer effects.

Variable effects of CBD products

When you use different CBD products, not only does the administration method change, but also the effects that come with it. Depending on what you're using, there will be different timetables as to when the substance will kick in and how long it will remain. Keep in mind that items with fast effects will also subside faster.

CBD smokables

When you use CBD flowers and CBD vape pens, the substance quickly enters your bloodstream. It will go directly into your lungs, and from there, to the bloodstream. CBD and THC metabolites provide the quickest effects from all the products on the list. CBD users will notice the first changes within a few minutes.

These products are simply great for all the people who want to address acute issues. They can be good in situations of high stress or when you’re experiencing sharp pain. While they act rather quickly, their effects will also subside relatively fast. They will last for 2, 3 hours at best.

CBD oil

CBD oil or CBD tincture is the most versatile item on the market. We also refer to these products as hemp extracts as they are directly extracted from the plant. Most of these products are barely processed (especially true for full spectrum CBD oil). The manufacturer will combine this natural oil with carrier oils such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil as a way of increasing CBD bioavailability.

Most people will administer CBD oil as a sublingual substance. They will place it under the tongue, where the chemical will react with the sublingual gland. Slowly, the gland will take in cannabinoids and push them to the bloodstream. In order to get the most of it, make sure to swirl the liquid in your mouth for a minute or two.

When you administer the product in such a manner, it will start working after 30 minutes or so. The substance will work for several hours. In that sense, CBD oil is somewhere between smokables and oral CBD in terms of its duration.

Alternatively, the oil can be utilized as a topical or oral product, but most people prefer utilizing it like a sublingual.

CBD topicals

Topical CBD items are specific in many ways. First off, they don't have the same impact on the body as other medical hemp products. When you use CBD creams, CBD ointments, and other substances, cannabinoids will remain on the surface and will not penetrate the bloodstream.

During topical application, cannabidiol will affect the upper layers of the skin and muscles. These items can be utilized for hydrating the skin as well as for anti aging. There are some indications they can be good for mild skin issues such as acne.

Topicals might also have some effect on muscles. They can relax fine tissue, thus reducing inflammation and pain. Even if you're not suffering from a specific problem, topicals can be good for muscle protection and regeneration. In fact, the products are slowly becoming popular among athletes, and they are legal, according to the World Anti Doping Agency.

It takes approximately 15 minutes for a cbd topical to kick in. The effect might last for up to 4, 5 hours. Finding the right dosage is a bit tricky with these items. Basically, if you want a stronger effect, you will need to use more of the product. Alternatively, you can reapply for the item several times during the day.

CBD edibles

Edibles are a major category of CBD products. This refers to everything from gummies to cbd capsule, brownies, etc. Basically, everything that you eat and goes through your stomach is regarded as edible. Nowadays, companies are infusing CBD oil in various treats, so you can always find some interesting edible on the market.

This product line is notorious for its long lasting effects. Although they need some time to kick in (30 to 60 minutes), they can provide effects for 6 to 8 hours. Edibles are especially great for chronic issues or in situations where you don’t have time to reuse the product.

It is a bit harder to calculate the potential effects and duration of CBD edible compared to other products. First off, they will need to be digested by your stomach. If your belly is already full of food or some other substances, it will take longer for the chemical to kick in. At the same time, this will prolong the duration of an edible.

When you ingest CBD products, cannabinoids will remain in your bloodstream for several days. Even after 6 hours, you might feel minor benefits. Unfortunately, this can also pose issues if you're regularly tested for THC.

Capsules are a specific type of edible that needs special mention. They are processed like any other type of item by your liver. The organ will rely on the various enzyme to eliminate the capsule. Because of that, it will take the body even longer to process a capsule compared to other edibles.

CBD transdermal patches

Transdermal patches are a relatively new and somewhat obscure type of cannabidiol product. They are the longest lasting items on the market, and their effects can be felt for 24 to 96 hours (although their peak effectiveness is much shorter). Based on this information, you could guess that it takes a while for the chemical to kick in.

Depending on the skin hair as well as the amount of fatty tissue, it will take more or less time for the substance to be absorbed. Certain products might even prolong the effectiveness of CBD by releasing cannabidiol at specific times.

What is the optimal quantity of CBD?

There are so many variables when it comes to CBD products making it hard to determine the optimal dosage. Aside from all these bodily factors, we also need to consider the type of product that you're using.

While this is far from ideal, most experts will recommend a process of trial and error. In other words, you should always start with a minimal dose and ramp it up based on what you're feeling (or not feeling).

If we were to generalize, most people would take somewhere between 10 to 30 milligrams of cannabidiol per administration. You can take this quantity once or twice a day, depending on the desired effects as well as the product you’re using.

Will an excessive dose cause side effects?

First off, the reason why people take a lower dose is to be more economical. These substances can be really expensive, and there is no need to overdo it with the quantity. Otherwise, CBD is well tolerated even when you take an elevated dose. Oftentimes, the substance is even taken as a wellness "replacement" for traditional drugs. However, keep in mind that CBD should be used for the treatment of specific medical conditions.

If you experience side effects, they might come in the form of dry mouth, change in appetite, change in blood pressure, dizziness, and so on. These issues will subside as soon as the product leaves your body, and they are usually mild. By taking a higher dose, there is a higher chance of experiencing side effects.

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