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July 17, 2021
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How many CBD gummies should I eat on a daily basis?

how many cbd gummies should i eat
 Anthony Clement
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Anthony Clement
July 12, 2021

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People often wonder how many CBD gummies should I eat. These substances are non intoxicating, even in larger quantities, but the excessive dose can increase the odds of side effects.

People often wonder, "How many CBD gummies should I eat?"

Nowadays, CBD users can choose from a plethora of CBD products. And while CBD oil remains the most popular substance on the market, we cannot overlook the popularity of edibles. Items such as CBD capsules, pills, and gummies can provide various health benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to properly dose these substances. Although CBD gummy dosage mostly revolves around the user's body weight, there are other things you need to consider as well.

In this article, we will see how many CBD gummies you should eat and what determines the optimal quantity of the substance.

Gummies’ CBD basics

Before we answer how many CBD gummies should I eat, let’s talk a bit more about these products.

Every cannabidiol product relies on CBD tincture as the basic ingredient. We get these substances from the organic hemp plant by using CO2 extraction. Otherwise, CBD infused gummy is every bit the same as a regular gummy that you buy in candy stores.

A company can use several different hemp extracts such as CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD oil, and full spectrum CBD oil. Each one of them has a different chemical composition. What's most important is that these substances have only a trace amount of THC. In other words, you should never get high from medical hemp oil and products made from this substance.

The effectiveness of a product usually depends on CBD content. There are some other things you need to consider, such as the extraction method that was used, as well as the quality of a cannabis plant.  The product's benefits can be reduced or changed if you take drugs or some other substances.

Why is CBD dosage important?

Unlike prescription medication and marijuana, you can't overdose on CBD. The substance is completely safe, according to the World Health Organization, the World Anti Doping Agency, and other regulatory organizations.

Cannabidiol works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors that are a part of the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates various processes like sleep, stress, memory, focus, etc. The product also has sedative properties, making it great for reductions of stress and improvement of sleep. Some people also use it for anxiety and chronic pain relief, although these substances are not sanctioned for such use.

Oftentimes, cannabidiol’s benefits are closely connected to its side effects. For example, CBD oil gummies cause sedative effects that can help you relax in minor quantities. But, if you take too much of it, you will experience drowsiness and low blood pressure.

The hemp extract can increase your appetite, but in a higher dose, it can also lead to diarrhea. Similarly, the product can increase alertness, improve mental focus and cause dizziness as a side effect.

Your optimal dosage is sometimes connected to the desired effects. For example, some people want to experience drowsiness if they're really stressed out, and a smaller quantity of the substance isn't working.

How to determine CBD concentration per gummy?

Whether we’re talking about CBD topicals, CBD edible, or other CBD merchandise, it is really hard to find the right CBD dosage.

First off, a CBD consumer will have to consider the strength of a CBD product. CBD oil gummies come in various strengths. Furthermore, you need to understand there is a difference between CBD concentration and overall product weight (5mg of CBD vs. 5mg of CBD gummies).

Ideally, you need to check the concentration of cannabidiol for each gummy. Premium CBD products and companies are very careful when disclosing this information, as they don't want to mislead their customers. Sometimes, the companies will tell you what the total concentration of gummies is. You can use this information to divide this number by the number of gummies to determine how much each gummy has CBD.

So, you might have to do some calculations.

What are the factors determining CBD gummies dosage?

There are numerous things you need to consider when determining optimal dose:

  • Body weight
  • Desired effect
  • The concentration of a product
  • Age and sex
  • Other metabolic features
  • Tolerance

The majority of people rely on body weight as the most important factor.

Based on weight, CBD consumers usually take somewhere between 10 to 40 milligrams of gummies per serving. So, if a gummy has 10 milligrams of CBD, this means between 1 to 4. This amount can be even higher if we're talking about a person who has increased tolerance or is very large.

You also need to consider the desired effects. Although gummies don’t always provide instant benefits, it shouldn’t take too long to feel an improvement. If you’re not feeling anything, whether its benefit or drawback, it is likely that you’re not taking enough of the substance.

Tolerance is a factor that you will need to consider along the way. Like many other products, your body will get adjusted to the impact of cannabidiol, making it harder to feel an improvement. So, make sure to increase the dose after a while. If you've already increased the quantity several times over, and you still don't feel anything, take a break for a month or so.

Administration advantages and disadvantages of CBD gum

There are several reasons why gummies have become so popular in the last few years. First off, they are very tasty compared to CBD oil that many describe as unbearable. You can use them on any occasion. They are especially great if you use CBD at the workplace as they are very inconspicuous.

Gummies are excellent for people who know their optimal dose. However, if you can't figure out the right quantity of CBD, it can become quite a nuisance. This is especially true with highly concentrated gummies, as you will need to cut them and split them into smaller pieces. Gummies with lower concentration seem like the best solution in this case.

One of the hidden dangers of gummies is their ingredients. Oftentimes, companies will add sugar and other sweeteners. While these might not be a problem in the short run, they can create health issues after prolonged use.

2 Main methods for determining CBD gummy dosage

Hemp companies are still experimenting with various approaches that would make it easier to find the optimal CBD dosage. However, the most common methods are COR as well as trial and error:

COR dosing method

According to experts, the average CBD gummy dose people take is 25mg. They are likely to administer this quantity twice a day, once in the morning and once during midday. We got this quantity based on numerous empiric data and user feedback.

In theory, you should be able to increase the dosage after 4 weeks of use. This is when your tolerance will slowly increase, so you will need more gummies for the same effect. Keep in mind that the product shouldn't be administered for too long, and you should take a break at one point.

If your state gets worse after following the COR dosing method, or if you start experiencing too many side effects, make sure to consult a medical expert.

Trial and Error dosing

Oftentimes, experts recommend that you start with a smaller dose and increase it as you go. That way, you can minimize the side effects and pinpoint just the right dose you need to take.

This is a bit harder with CBD gummies, though. Given that each one of them has a specific concentration, the minimal dose is not 1mg but 1 gummy instead. Perhaps the best way to address this is by splitting a gummy with a knife. This would help you split the dose of one gummy, but it is still not ideal for micro dosing.

Taking several doses per day

You can take several doses of CBD each day. However, you should be very careful, so they don't overlap. Taking several doses at once will not necessarily improve the benefits but will increase the odds of side effects. Furthermore, these drawbacks might become too intense.

In some cases, you can even take up to 3 doses. But, you need to be very careful as CBD gummies will stay in your body for a long period of time. So, you will have to spread them properly.

The number of uses/reuses will vary based on what you’re trying to accomplish. People who are struggling with chronic problems are more likely to administer smaller quantities of cannabidiol throughout the day. If you wish to address severe acute problems, you will take one larger dose per day when you experience an anxiety attack or need pain relief.

Keep in mind that even with an increased dose and several administrations, you won't always get the desired effects. If you are a new user, we recommend that you stick with one daily dose until you figure out how the substance works for you.

When will CBD gummies kick in?

CBD gummies, and edibles in general, take quite a while to start working. Unlike vapes, topicals, and sublinguals, they need to pass through your digestive system before they reach the bloodstream.

A CBD user will need to wait from 30 to 60 minutes to feel the first effects. If you previously had a meal, this time will be even longer. Using prescription medication can also affect how much time we need to absorb the substance.

While the substance is really slow in terms of impact, it will stay in your body much longer than other CBD products. According to experts, CBD gummies might provide benefits for up to 6 hours. Sometimes, this might be even longer.

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