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July 16, 2021
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How old do you have to be to buy CBD gummies?

how old do you have to be to buy cbd gummies
 Anthony Clement
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Anthony Clement
July 12, 2021

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Most people don’t know how old you have to be to buy CBD gummies. Although there are no laws regulating CBD for minors, you cannot buy the product from dispensaries without a valid prescription.

This is a question we often get from our website visitors. While CBD products don't cause the same psychoactive effects as the medical marijuana plant, many young people are interested in industrial hemp as a dietary supplement.

Needless to say, hemp derived CBD is especially popular among younger generations due to its potential benefits. Low in THC content but full of CBD, hemp gummies are a great way to relax and improve internal functions.

However, if you wish to buy CBD edibles, you need to get acquainted with the local CBD law. The cannabis plant is not properly regulated in many countries of the world, which makes it really troublesome for younger users who are unaware of CBD's legal ramifications.

In this article, we will share how old you have to be to buy CBD gummies and what are the things that can cause issues.

What is the chemical composition of CBD gummies?

The cannabis plant has three main subspecies: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Sativa is commonly referred to as hemp, while Cannabis Indica stands for marijuana. Each one of these has numerous cannabinoids. Their main difference is in THC and CBD concertation.

CBD gummies are usually made by infusing medical hemp oil into regular gummies. As the name implies, this is a hemp extract that we get from the plant’s buds.

There is a major difference in CBD legality depending on the underlying substance. Marijuana derived CBD oil is generally categorized in the same way as recreational marijuana. While it does have medical properties, it is also psychoactive. On the other hand, hemp derived CBD is viewed from a different perspective as it has limited THC content and doesn't get you high.

So, while hemp cannabis oil is legal in most places, marijuana cannabis or weed can get you into trouble.

CBD companies can utilize various types of CBD oil products for their gummies. They can use pure CBD (otherwise known as CBD isolate), broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD. Each one of these is safe and shouldn’t cause issues. However, it is worth mentioning that only full spectrum CBD hemp oil has THC.

How does CBD affect children?

CBD brands will tell you that this substance is completely safe. And while we cannot deny that global health organizations support this claim, we don't know how it would affect kids. We are especially worried about potential issues with their development after prolonged CBD use.

As mentioned, the legality and safety of a hemp gummy item will vary based on its underlying substance. Broad spectrum CBD products, as well as isolates, are much safer as they lack THC. While full spectrum is legally allowed in all countries that allow medical hemp, it can stifle children's development due to a minor presence of THC.

Nowadays, there is only one legal hemp based product, and that is Epidiolex. Interestingly enough, this drug is used to treat certain types of childhood seizures. So, the substance does have some potential for minors. But, the medicine cannot be bought over the counter. Instead, you need a prescription. That, by itself, indicates there are safety concerns regarding its use.

It is really hard to predict if the drug could cause developmental issues for children. Some of the product's common side effects include dizziness, diarrhea, drowsiness, change in appetite, and change in blood pressure. There is an argument to be made that all these side effects could be more pronounced in minors.

General legality of CBD in different countries

For example, in the US, all hemp products that have less than 0.3% THC will be legal on the federal level. Keep in mind that federal laws are very different from state laws. So, while you might not be federally charged for the possession of CBD gummies, you can be persecuted by legal authorities.

Things are much more complex when it comes to marijuana. The substance is legal in only a few states, regardless of your age. Oftentimes, if you wish to use marijuana, you would need a medical marijuana card and to buy it in one of the licensed dispensaries.

The European Union also allows the use of CBD. Like in the US, every substance that has less than 0.3% THC will be categorized as medical hemp. Otherwise, it is considered medical marijuana. The UK is a bit more restrictive as their hemp products cannot have more than 0.2% concentration.

Keep in mind that the situation is a bit more problematic when it comes to CBD gummies and CBD edibles. Given that these are food products, they often have to go through an additional layer of testing/scrutiny. That being said, in the certain American States, where CBD creams, CBD tinctures, and other CBD merchandise is legal, edibles could be illegal.

Are CBD gummies legal for children?

Like with many other things regarding hemp CBD products, lines are a bit blurred when it comes to this.

Generally speaking, most people buy these products over the counter. These are not prescription drugs, and all you need is a computer and a credit card to buy CBD gummies. According to the US government, there are no age restrictions to purchasing cannabidiol. Furthermore, the law doesn’t stop parents from buying CBD for their kids.

Things are a bit different with physical CBD stores. As you can presume, if you go into a licensed dispensary, whether it's in Europe or North America, a pharmacist will likely ask for an ID. Keep in mind that online stores have similar protection but, you can easily lie about your age.

Having all this in mind, CBD gummies are not allowed for minors, but they're not necessarily illegal. Furthermore, they are highly accessible regardless of your age. Even if you wish to buy medical or recreational marijuana, most CBD brands have a way of packaging their goods, so they're not detected.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies for children?

Unlike recreational marijuana, where kids are often curious about its effects, CBD products are a bit less common among minors. But, that doesn't mean that kids wouldn't try these products. Like with mature users, there are a lot of things that the product can help you with.

The great thing about CBD gummies is that it's a wellness product that could be safe for children. Furthermore, if you use it for medical issues, it might be better than some volatile drugs that are more likely to cause side effects. Here are some ways that kids can utilize CBD gummies:

  • Management and prevention of nausea.
  • Potential boost of appetite in children who are struggling.
  • A natural product that might help with inflammation and pain.
  •  It could reduce stress and anxiety in autistic and anxious kids.
  •  Boosts your sleep
  • Relaxation of fine muscle tissue can lead to numerous benefits
  • Managing symptoms of epileptic conditions
  • Improved focus and alertness

Keep in mind that for some of these benefits, it might be better to buy Epidiolex through official channels. The substance is often used for spasms and, in particular, epilepsy.

Oftentimes, CBD is prescribed to kids who have no other option or those who are in a bad state. Initially, most governments were reluctant, but as time went by, they become more open to the idea of CBD for minors. At least if the process is controlled by medical professionals.

The main consideration when buying CBD products for underage children

If you truly wish to give your child CBD for a serious medical condition, it is advisable that you take all the possible precautionary measures.

First off, you should start by consulting a medical professional. Find a person who had experience with medical hemp and child cases. If you cannot find a pediatrician with the necessary cannabis experience, at least find someone who has a good reputation for treating children. If necessary, you can share your knowledge and experience regarding CBD. That might help pediatricians create a proper treatment.

Nowadays, there are various stores where you can buy CBD gummies. The product is nowadays more common in big wholesale and retail chains. Even if you cannot find a CBD shop in your vicinity, there is an option of buying online.

How to find the right CBD product for a minor?

CBD gummies are ideal when you need to address chronic problems. They take a bit longer to start working (30 to 60 minutes), but they have the longest lasting effect of all medical hemp products. The substance will continue providing benefits for up to 6 hours.

Still, gummies will not be ideal in every situation. If your child is suffering from a severe acute condition or symptom, perhaps it is better to go with a faster acting product like CBD tincture. The sublingual item will start working after 10 to 15 minutes but will stay in the body for only 2, 3 hours.

Lastly, CBD topicals can be good for relaxing surface muscles. Nowadays, these products are very popular among athletes as they can relax the muscle tissue and even provide some regeneration. Topicals can provide relief in just 10 to 15 minutes.

When looking for CBD products for minors, here are some important things you need to consider before making a purchase:

  • Avoid CBD companies that make wild claims. Although their products might be good, this is a sign of malpractice that might cause some other issue.
  • Look for COA or Certificate of Authenticity. This document should provide all the data regarding hemp’s chemical composition. This is especially important if you want to see how much CBD and THC a product has.
  • Needless to say, the store should specialize in medical hemp. If they have a lot of unrelated products, this can be a very bad sign.
  • Lastly, make sure that all their substances are made from organic hemp. Check where they have farms; certain countries and states are more suitable for growing high quality cannabis.

How to dose CBD gummies for children?

Dosing CBD products is one of the hardest things to do. It depends on several factors, among which body weight is the most important one.

Most adults take from 10 to 40 milligrams of CBD per day. The precise quantity is usually based on weight. Lighter individuals will go with 10 to 15mg, while heavier will go with 30 to 40mg. For kids, this should be a much lower dose.

Given that we don't know much about dosing, and especially dosing for kids, we suggest that you go with as little as 5mg. Make sure to track the child's progress with your physician and adjust the dose if necessary.

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